The Orchid Gallery
Specializes in cooler-growing orchids, including masdevallias, miltoniopsis, and lycastes.

Orchid Inn Ltd.
Offers an incredible selection of paphiopedilums, also known as slipper orchids.

Orchid Outlet
A great source for compact and miniature orchids. 
Contact us if you would like to get in touch with owner Barry Jones.

Orchids Plus
Excellent source for bare root divisions of cattleyas at reasonable prices. Contact owner Pat at

Roberts Flower Supplies
A one-stop shop for all things potting-related, including pots, bark, moss, fertilizer, and more.

Stones River Orchids

Specializing in fantastic phaelenopsis orchids large and small. Contact owner Tom Harper at 615.771.2755.

Sunset Valley Orchids

Known for superior hybrids, particularly cattleyas and owner Fred Clark's unique Fredclarkearas.


Specializing in hydroponics and growing under lights. Located at 584 Tillman St, Memphis. Phone: 901-529-7722.

Orchid and Supply Vendors

Need more orchids? Maybe you're looking for bark, pots, and fertilizer. We heartily recommend the following vendors, who have either attended our show or visited our meetings as guest speakers. Check back often, as we regularly add more vendors.

Agdia virus testing

Know for sure if your plant has two common orchid viruses by using these test strips.

Clown Alley Orchids

Specializes in fragrant and long-lasting warm growing orchids that thrive in the South.

Lance Parr Pottery

​Specializes in orchid-inspired art and pottery, including handmade pots for orchids.

Louisiana Orchid Connection

Offers wide range of species and hybrids, including some unique orchids from Taiwan.

Marble Branch Farms

Specializes in hybridizing cattleyas but offers a range of great orchids, including encyclias.

New Vision Orchids
Specializes in phaelenopsis and odontoglossum orchids, including many owner Russ Vernon created himself.

New World Orchids

Offers a wonderful selection of orchids from Japan as well as pots and books to help you grow these unique plants.

Oakwood Orchids

Owner Jim France has a great selection of paphs, bulbophylums, and unusual cattleyas. He doesn't have a website but will search his collection if you email a wish list to